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KDK - Smart Mist Cooler
  • $1,288.00
Product Code: KDK - Smart Mist Cooler
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Struggling with sinus, eczema and cracked lips? Soothe these familiar problems with KDK Smart Mist Cooler. Intelligently built with multiple filter barriers consisting on allergy-busting air filter, anti-bacteria enzyme function, and a HEPA filter, the smart technology eliminates harmful particles to ensure fresher, safer air that safeguards the health of your family and friends. Double-up as a humidifier, the KDK Smart Mist Cooler releases mist particles 1,000 times finer than the average cooling particles. Take pleasure in enhanced coolness when paired with an air-conditioner and enjoy better air circulation in your home. KDK Mist Cooler boosts humidity while reducing your susceptibility to allergies, improving overall indoor comfort for your family. 

Product features and materials

  • Removes 99.7% harmful bacteria
  • Improves circulation
  • Releases ultra-fine mist particles
  • Removes offensive odour
  • Capture virus up to 0.3µm
  • Inhibit 17 kinds of allergens 
  • Detects haze
  • Suitable for use in school, office, clinic, hospital, home, nursery, hotel, club house, pet shop, commercial facilities and more
  • Area covered: 61m2
  • 15 litres water tank capacity
  • Haze, humidity & temperature indicator: Actively moisturizes dry air. With haze sign, completely capture and purify pollutant.
  • Humidifying & Cooling
  • Swinging louvers
  • Remote control: Available for wireless remote control


  • Free Delivery
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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