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Electrolux Microwave oven (EMS3087X)
  • $395.00
Product Code: Electrolux Microwave oven (EMS3087X)
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Product features

IQ Touch

  • Easy to use intuitive controls make your microwave oven a joy to use.

Auto Cook Programmes

  • The Auto Cook settings lets you whip up delicious dishes with just the touch of a button. Choose from a range of settings - defrosting, heating, cooking, grilling, and much more.

4-in-1 Microwave with Grill

  • Gives you the convenience of a microwave plus the performance of an oven, grill and steamer for the flexibility to cook a wide variety of dishes.

Ambient Display

  • Elegant and refined, the hidden display feature offers a tasteful yet functional interface.

Defrost Function

  • Quickly and easily defrost frozen meat and seafood with the simple touch of a button.



Approximate Dimensions 

  • H300 x W539 x D438 mm



  • 1 year warranty
Product Feature
Brand Electrolux

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