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Panasonic Microwave oven (DS592)
  • $580.00
Product Code: Panasonic Microwave oven (DS592)
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  The Panasonic 27L combination microwave oven offers a truly versatile operation. Allowing you to roast, bake, grill, steam and microwave to create a multitude of dishes quickly and with more convenience.

Key Features

  • The Panasonic 27L combination microwave oven offers great versatility to cook your food in different methods so you can enjoy different tastes and more control. You can roast, bake, grill, steam and microwave.
  • Inverter technology reliably delivers a consistent and even cook throughout your food.
  • A double heater system allows you to cook with the entire oven whilst controlling the temperature with the upper and lower heaters.
  • The double heater system allows you to enjoy a functional design that allows you to cook without the convection heater, circulation fan and turntable offering a larger cooking space equivalent to a 44L turntable without needing a larger build.
  • The double grill cooks food from above and below without needing to turn your food products whilst cutting excess fat for healthier eating and a quicker cooking process. Additionally, the steaming function allows you to prepare healthy food that will retain their nutrients that are lost under high heat.

Approximate Dimensions

  • H34.0 x W52.9 x D47.5 mm


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  • 1yr  warranty against manufacturing defects
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Brand Panasonic

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