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Price: $916.00
Product Code:  Bean Bag - The AMBIENT RESTER
Availability:  3-5 working days unless otherwise stated
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Product features and materials

The Ambience Rester Bean Bag is one of our newly designed Bean Bags, seating a group of two or three people comfortably.  
Designed for comfort, when you slide in to the Ambient Rester Bean Bag, the sides of the Bean Bag form up to provide you with arm rests that support your arms should you be reading a newspaper or book.  
All Ambient Resters Bean Bag are double layered, meaning easy maintenance - the outer cover is machine washable, 
while the inner layer is made out of Nylon material, which is water resistant and dust free. 
We offer our Ambient Resters in Corduroy, which gives your skin a soft and padded feel, and won't make you feel warm.
Double Layered for easy maintenance:      
  • Machine Washable Outer Cover & 
  • Water Resistant Inner Cover
  • Comfortably seats two or three average sized persons

Approximate Dimensions

  • Width : 153cm 
  • Height : 64cm 
  • Length : 128cm


  • Free Delivery
  • Free Installation
  • 10-14 days lead time
  • Warranty is 6 months on stitching
  • 50% deposit upon placing of order

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