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Biometric Gate Series Promo (Bundle 27)

Price: $1,430.00
Product Code:  Biometric Gate Series Promo (Bundle 27)
Availability:  3-5 working days unless otherwise stated
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Samsung SHP-DP718


  • – New Push-Pull design is easier to use. (Push to enter, pull to exit)

  • – Speedy and accurate access with the optical finger print authentication

  • – Automatic wake-up on approaching by using IR sensor

  • – The door lock status is displayed on the front panel in text for the user’s convenience

  • – Manner mode is available for quiet entrances in late nights (Button sound is muted.)

LogHome LH300MG


  • Specially designed for Singapore’s Metal Gate

  • Setting and updating passwords of 3 to 19 digits

  • 360 degree Fingerprint Access (max. 100)

  • RFID Card Access (max. 30)

  • Access Pin

  • Built-in fire detection sensor / alarm

  • Force-open alarm

  • Emergency power terminal of 9V battery

  • Theft & prank prevention (1 min stoppage after 5 consecutive wrong input)

  • Auto-lock capability

  • Mechanical overriding key for emergency

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