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Why is my mattress so warm?

Created Date: 2015-03-08

“Why is my mattress so warm? When I sleep on it, my back feels so warm…”

A number of you might be saying...“Hey how come you know what am I thinking?” this is because it’s one of question I was asked in this blog which is also one of the most commonly asked question. I had my fair share of experience of sleeping on different mattress over my life. Theory aside, during my childhood days, I slept on the cotton type of mattress, moving on to foam, to bonnell spring later on to pocketed spring with latex and currently I am using one with memory foam topper which I find most comfortable till date.

Just a rule of thumb, the softer the mattress the more conforming to our body it is thus less area being allowed to breath/ventilation, eventually warmer.

However this is only in the hypothetical case of when all else being equal, the springs, the materials of outer layers, the density etc. These info may not be readily available to general consumer which doesn’t make our decision making process any easier.

Memory foam is the warmest I have tried so far, reason as I mentioned in previous post, memory foam reacts to our body temperature and ‘melts’, conforming to our body contour. But to give it credit, it’s also one of the more comfortable mattresses I’ve slept on. “I also like the comfort from memory foam, so how can we make it less warm?”… (I’ll touch on this in my next post). I’ve ever sleep on the mattress and in the middle of the night and the bed sheet is wet, not that I pee but its all sweat. Yucks!!!

Latex no doubt is rubber in nature, it is not breathable, so naturally it’s also warm, and the latex being used in mattress includes little “ventilating” holes to increase the air flow to make it less warm for those sleeping on it. Increasing air flow is just one of the features, but more importantly the size holes also allow manufacturer to vary the firmness of the latex.

“so you mean spring mattress is the least warm?”…that is if you are going to sleep on the spring only and no other material between you and the spring. So obviously this is not going to be comfortable. But yes with spring as the core of the mattress, the tendency is it’ll not be as warm. One word of caution though is to note what are the layers of the outer layer that are being used in this mattress, cos it’ll more or less determine the properties & the “warm level” of the mattress.

I’ve touch on the above 3 core materials of mattress in descending order of how warm you might feel given everything else equal.

The next post I’ll touch on how to alleviate the “warm level” of the mattress.



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When will you post how to alleviate the “warm level” of the mattress?

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