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Princebed Posture Medic II Mattress

Price: $840.00
Product Code:  Princebed Posture Medic II Mattress
Availability:  3-5 working days unless otherwise stated

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Product features and materials

  • Firmness level

  • Ultimate Firm Pocketed Spring Mattress
  • Exclusive Coil Stabilizer  
  • Holds the coils together providing vertical stability and prevents coil separation. An advanced Princebed® feature not found in regular pocketed constructions.
  • Independent Pocketed Coils
  • Unlike regular pocketed coils, which are joined in the centre, Princebed’s advance independent design provides greater conformance to the body’s unique contours for the ultimate independent comfort.
  • Durable Edge
  • The most state of the art edge support technology. It is constructed of unique durable foam which gives you the strongest seating edge and allows coils to operate independently without collapsing sideways, like regular pocketed coils.
  • Undisturbed Sleep from your partner.
  • Coil is hermetically sealed and protected from rust & provide better hygiene.
  • Pre-compression of coils provide more resilience.
  • Provide sturdy support to your spinal column & reduce back sore, yet maintains it comfort.
  • 7/10 firmness
  • Sanitize against dust-mite, bacteria and fungus.
  • 15 years Warranty on system.

Sizes available

  • Single 9" : 190cm x 91cm x 23cm
  • Super Single 9" : 190cm x 107cm x 23cm
  • Queen 9" : 190cm x 152xm x 23cm
  • King 9" : 190cm x 183cm x 23cm


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Product Feature
Manufacturer Princebed
Mattress Type Pocketed Spring
Mattress Thickness 9"

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