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Does your back hurt after a long sleep? Is your partner making demands about your current mattress? Whatever the problem may be, finding the right mattress is important as it can help you get a good night’s sleep minus the usual aches and pains that are normally associated with poor sleeping form because your mattress is already old and sagging.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Mattress in Singapore

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“Why is my mattress so warm? When I sleep on it, my back feels so warm…”

A number of you might be saying...“Hey how come you know what am I thinking?” this is because it’s one of question I was asked in this blog which is also one of the most commonly asked question. I had my fair share of experience of sleeping on different mattress over my life. Theory aside, during my childhood days, I slept on the cotton type of mattress, moving on to foam, to bonnell spring later on to pocketed spring with latex and currently I am using one with memory foam topper which I find most comfortable till date.

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Today let’s look at 1 of the most important piece of furniture in the living room. “SOFA !!!”

I always hear people telling me ‘oh leather sofa not so warm right? The pvc sofa warmer right? ’ Well, i can only say it’s true to a certain extent. Why? Whether it’s warm or not, it’s all dependent on your environment and to me both are warm.

You might have the same experience of how come the sofa is so comfortable when i tried it in the showrooms but how come it feels so different when placed in my house? The reason is simple, when you tried it in showrooms you are in an air con environment thus most of the sofa you tried feels quite comfortable and when in your home, most probably, you do not on your air con most of the time right?

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Sofa is in a lot of ways similar to a mattress. A lot of times the importance/emphasis is understated, due to the fact that we spend more of our time on a mattress than on a sofa. Usually the emphasis or time spent on choosing a piece of furniture is in direct correlation to the amount of time we spent on this piece of furniture.

Sofa is usually the next most important thing as it’s the other thing that we will have direct body contact with and giving us the comfort which we seek.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, there are different material being used for the interior of a sofa. At times it might be even more complicated than a mattress, which a lot of people are having difficulty in choosing one

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There are a large number of brands of mattresses in Singapore. From the cheap sponge mattress costing less than $20 to mattresses costing more than $20,000. So one may ask what constitute to the difference and why the huge difference?

Most of the brands have different spring systems, different specs and different materials involves. Thus with all these permutations, there are more than a few hundred or even up to thousands of brands and series.

With all these different mattresses it is not hard to imagine the confusion 1 would encounter when he or she start on the journey of hunting for the best mattress for themselves. It does not help with the fact that every sales person would boast that they have the best system in the market, all these will only add to the confusion......

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“I love this mattress leh, but i heard that memory foam and latex very warm leh, so how???”

All the different materials will have their pros and cons, and not all are made the same. So we must take note of certain things during our search for the ideal mattress, else we can only use “add-ons” to improve the conditions.

After more or less decided on the type of mattress you like, you might want to note the materials that are used to wrap the mattress. Some materials are better is dissipating heat and some are not as efficient. Most commonly used materials are as follows:-...

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I've been through a number of forums recently and the number one misconception is “…the more expensive mattress the better it is...” though it is true to a certain extent, but in my opinion it is more of a half truth.

As I always advocate, 一分钱一分货, a cent paid is a cent of quality and much as we would like to have it in the quality:price ratio of 1:1, this may not always be the case with mattress. As highlighted in the graph, the ratio is closer to 1:1 when the price range of the mattress is less than $1k. However when the price exceed this mark, the ratio usually drop to 1:1.2, as it moves towards $1.5k, it tend to drop further to 1:1.5. When the pricing goes past the $2k mark, it’s more like 1:2 or even less.

So where does the excess money goes to? And why the difference in ratio? The missing dollars usually goes to the cost of branding, A&P, rental cost within large shopping malls etc

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Being well prepared prior to purchasing furniture could saves you time and money and also giving you more flexibility. I believe in being well prepared not only when purchasing furniture, but it applies to a lot of aspects in life. We can’t plan or be prepared for all possibilities but we can try to minimise the uncertainty.

1) Always measure the area and place where you want to place the furniture

- If possible, mark out the area of the furniture to help you visualise the amount of walking area free space available after placing the furniture

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Yeah!!! finally the new revamp website is finally up.

We have stop the uploading of new products for more than 1 month because we are all working on the new site and the porting over of the products are really tedious.

Lots of sleepless nights,panda eyes, aching backs and aching shoulders.

We will start the uploading of new products, and also will also start off the blog by porting articles which i have writtened previously.

Do stay tuned for more blogs

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