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Samsung Gate Series Promo (Bundle 15)

Price: $1,110.00
Product Code:  Samsung Gate Series Promo (Bundle 15)
Availability:  3-5 working days unless otherwise stated
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Samsung SHP-DS510


– Slim Touch Screen Display Keypad

– Register up to 70 RFID Tags or Password

– Double Locking Function (Can be programmed to use password to unlock the lock)

– Emergency 9V Battery Terminal (When battery is flat, a 9V battery can be used to temporarily power up the lock)

– Auto Lock Function (Can be programmed to lock automatically when door is closed)

– Built-in burglar and fire alarm (Alarm will go off when there is a fire or when the lock is forced open)


Samsung SHP-DS705(Metal Gate)


– Card/ Password identification locking options

– Double-Locking Function

– Automatic Door Lock Function

– Remote to unlock (Easy Access)

– Emergency Battery Terminal

– Fire Alarm & Emergency Door Unlock

– Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention


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