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Wonderland Tokyo Spring Mattress

Price: $255.00
Product Code:  Wonderland Tokyo Spring Mattress
Availability:  3-5 working days unless otherwise stated

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Product features and materials

The Tokyo Innerspring Collection heatures the flex edge tension guards that strongly support the Innerspring structure and border wire that runs aroung the mattress, resulting in a firmer sleeping and sitting edge. Together with this unique design, this mattress will give you a longer life spand and a healthier body


  • Firmness level

  • Fabric treated with Anti-Dust Mite helps prevent problem
  • Durability
  • Imported materials assure for superior quality and durability
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • Fabric colour for illustration only

Mattress Dimensions

  • Single 190cm x 91cm x 22cm
  • Super 190cm x 107cm x 22cm
  • Queen 190cm x 152cm x 22cm
  • King 190cm x 183 x 22cm


  • Free Delivery
Product Feature
Mattress Thickness 8"

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